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Hi guys, welcome to our page. My name is Darin Graybill, and above you can see a picture of me and my better half, my wife Jeanna Graybill. She is the one that keeps me in-line and takes care of the books for the business! When she is not working on business stuff, she is working in a Hospital Emergency Room as a Registered Nurse, working at home keeping things spotless clean, or trying to fatten me up with her amazing cooking! As for me, I'm just a homegrown country kid that grew up working in my Dad's welding and fabrication shop, and then went on to work several other blue collar jobs to make enough money to fuel my passion to fly! I was only about seven years old when I made up my mind that I wanted to be a professional helicopter pilot. At the age of twelve I had my first chance to ride in a helicopter with a local aerial applicator, or otherwise known as a cropduster, that was spraying crops next to our home. After finishing the field he was spraying, he offered to let me ride back to his hangar with him in his helicopter. Fast forward twelve years, and that same spray pilot gave me my first job as a commercial pilot, working as a aerial pesticide applicator spraying noxious weeds on BNSF Railroad Right-of-Way. As you can see, it's a small world in this industry. After working for a few different operators doing ag-spraying, we eventually decided it would be a better fit our family's interests to start our own business. In doing this, it allowed us more flexibility in our schedules so that we could begin to build something that we can leave behind for our future children. After a lot of thinking, praying, talking to peers and crunching numbers, we decided to take a leap of faith and start a flight school. As we started along this journey, I began to realize how thankful I should be for the diverse training opportunities I have had. During my training to become a helicopter pilot I had the opportunity to attend four different flight schools in three different states, from Washington to Oregon and all the way back to Indiana. At the time, the change of flight schools felt like a burden and was sometimes quite frustrating; but as I look back now, I'm so thankful for the opportunities to see all the different ways that schools and instructors operate and train. I feel like this has given me a unique opportunity to learn from all those good experiences and attempt to never recreate the bad ones, in order to serve our customers in the most enjoyable, efficient, and cost effective way for each student individually. We look forward to learning more about each one of you, and sharing our passion for flying with you soon.



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